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Read previously published articles written or contributed to by Plexus team members:

February 25, 2008 - The Indianapolis Star
Mike Spink – Want Sales in China? You need an Introduction
August, 2007 - Novita' Bio-Nano USA
Pino Modica – Plexus Ventures un aiuto per approdare negli USA
May, 2007 - European BioPharmaceutical Review
Michael O' Sullivan & Richard Brown – Biotech Bootsale
January 14, 2007 - The Philadelphia Inquirer
Bob Moran – Local support and research firms thrive off Big Pharma
September, 2006 - Nature Biotechnology
Roger Harrison – Abe Abucohwski
July, 2006 - Nature Biotechnology
Pino Modica – Amgen Big In Japan
June, 2006 - Food and Drug Packaging
Bob Moran – Contract Services Make House Calls, Too
March 3, 2006 - Philadelphia Business Journal
Bob Moran – Pharmaceutical firms mix and match to hone pipelines
March, 2006 - The Boston Globe
Bob Moran – Warsaw Looks Back,Ahead
February 16, 2006 - Philadelphia Business Journal
Bob Moran – Local ties assist new Pfizer drug
January, 2006 - SpecialtyPharma
Roger Harrison – Measuring Alliance Performance
September, 2005 - SpecialtyPharma
Roger Harrison – Effective Alliance Governance
May, 2005 -SpecialtyPharma
Roger Harrison – Making Partnerships Succeed


Download presentations by members of the Plexus team, delivered at industry events and conferences:

April–17, 2007
Roger Harrison – Pharmaceutical Industry Collaboration Experience with Biotechnology
November, 2006
Richard Brown – US Health Care System
November, 2006
Richard Brown – Multinational Negotiations
November 22–23, 2005
Roger Harrison – Optimising your Regulatory Strategy to gain FDA and EUA Approval
November 22–23,2005
Roger Harrison – Market Opportunities and Future Industry Trends of Drug–Device and Biologic Combination Products
October 24–25, 2005
Roger Harrison – History and Future of Insulin Formulations
October 24–25, 2005
Roger Harrison – Approaches to Development of Long Acting Injection Formulations–Challenges and Solutions