Track Record
Strengthening of Geographic Presence Through Acquisition

A pan-European pharmaceutical company had developed a broad base of business in certain European markets but had succeeded in establishing only specialty products in others. With the future pipeline consisting of both primary and specialty products, the company was concerned about its ability to maximize value in each market. The company had for several years sought to in-license products that would allow for establishing a GP presence in those markets, but these efforts had not been successful.

Plexus Ventures was engaged to search for products and/or companies that would accelerate the client’s presence in one major market and that fit within certain therapeutic areas. In a short time, the local affiliate of a privately-owned regional pharmaceutical company was identified by Plexus Ventures as fitting many of the client’s requirements. Plexus Ventures approached the owners and proposed a structure to the transaction that would preserve their strategic interests.

As a result, the client took over a product line that immediately added some 40% to the base revenues in the country, an experienced sales force that could be used to promote both companies’ products lines, and a marketing organization through which the client could launch its own pipeline products into a major market.


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