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Eastern European Company TransformatiEastern European Company Transformation

In the years following the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, Plexus Ventures was commissioned by an Investment Firm to develop a strategy for transforming a low-margin hospital solutions and bulk pharmaceutical producer into a higher-margin branded pharmaceutical marketer, in the highest-value pharmaceutical market in Eastern Europe.

Plexus Ventures developed a strategic plan outlining the steps necessary to transform the company, involving the in-licensing and acquisition of established products and the divestment of low-margin operations. Upon approval of the strategic plan, Plexus Ventures was retained to execute the plan. Plexus Ventures identified promising assets whose commercial rights were then negotiated on behalf of the client.

As a result, the Plexus collaboration with this client lasted 8 years, with a total of 20 products in-licensed from 7 companies. The new portfolio of products enabled the company to grow its pharmaceutical business from 25% of turnover to 100% after 6 years. Over the same interval, the company moved from the 43rd to 14th ranking in IMS reported sales in the market. Eventually, the Investment Firm that had hired Plexus Ventures decided to sell the company to a major multinational company — and did so at a substantial profit.


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