Track Record
Small Pharmaceutical Out-License of Specialty Product

A US-based pharmaceutical development company had attempted to interest larger pharmaceutical companies in its lead compound, a new molecular entity indicated in a specialty therapeutic area. The company had experienced difficulties in gaining access to decision makers within the targeted companies, and in communicating the benefits of the compound once they were in front of potential partners.

Plexus Ventures was asked to take over the licensing activity. Plexus Ventures redrafted the non-confidential and confidential documents in order to focus on the anticipated benefits of the compound. Plexus Ventures then established contact with several companies who had earlier declined interest, and reintroduced the opportunity.

As a result, the small pharmaceutical company signed agreements with a global, top 15 multinational company for global rights ex-Asia and a medium-sized company for Asian rights, to maximize the value to the client. The product has been successfully developed and launched by both licensees.


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